Supported Semantic Conventions


Work in progress

This documentation is work in progress, and we expect it to improve in the next few weeks alongside Lumigo capabilities.

If you have ideas or use-cases in OpenTelemetry that you would like Lumigo to support, let us know!

Resource Semantic Conventions

  • Telemetry SDK:

    • telemetry.sdk.language
    • telemetry.sdk.version
  • Service:

  • Cloud:

    • cloud.platform (currently only the aws_ecs is used)
  • Amazon ECS conventions:

    • aws.ecs.container.arn
    • aws.ecs.cluster.arn
    • aws.ecs.launchtype
    • aws.ecs.task.arn
    • aws.ecs.task.revision

Trace Semantic Conventions

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