Function View

The Function View provides a detailed view about specific functions. It consists of four main sections: Function Profile, Invocation View, Metrics, and Logs.

Function Profile

The Function Profile section provides detailed information about the function’s configuration, including:

  • Overview: Function name, region and runtime.
  • Configuration information: last modified date, timeout, memory limit, concurrency, and description.
  • Tracing Status


The invocations section provides detailed information about the invocations of the specific function for the selected time frame. It consists of graphs that show the number of invocations, and number of invocation failures over time and a list of invocations in the form of a table.

For every invocation, you can retrieve the following information: Request ID, Start Time, Result, Duration (including if it experienced a cold start), Execution Tags, Component which triggered the invocation, and Issues.


Clicking on a table row will open the Transaction View for the transaction which led to the invocation being examined.


Tip: Filter by Execution Tags

You can easily filter invocations by their execution tags. Lumigo will automatically add some tags to your invocations, but adding custom execution tags can improve focus and efficiency dramatically!

Deployment Points

Deployment Points provide information about the latest deployments of the specific function, and help to understand if changes in configuration or a new version of code causes an unexpected outcome, such as an increase in the number of invocation failures or degraded performances.


Specific Invocation Drilldown (Transaction view)


The metrics section allows you to quickly view key metrics of the specific function for the selected time frame, including:

  • Number of invocations
  • Number of invocation failures
  • Average Consumed Memory
  • Average Duration
  • Cold Starts
  • Average Cold Starts Initial Duration
  • Cost

Search In Logs

Quickly find invocations whose log messages contain specific keywords with a plain text search.


“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”
-Viktor E. Frankl

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