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Function View

The Function View gives you a more detailed view into your function invocations. It consists of the invocation view, the function dashboard, and log search capability


The invocations view provides information about every invocation of the chosen function.

For every invocation, you can see the duration, if it experienced a cold start, had any issues, and which components were triggered by that invocation etc.

You can search, filter, and sort to quickly find and analyze invocations.


Tip: Filter by Execution Tags

You can easily filter invocations by their execution tags. Lumigo will automatically add some tags to your invocations, but adding custom execution tags can improve focus and efficiency dramatically!


Specific Invocation Drilldown

Clicking on a table row will open the Transaction View for the transaction which led to the invocation being examined.

Specific Invocation Drilldown (Transaction view)


This tab will show you key metrics on your function, including aggregate details on:

Invocations, Failures, Average Consumed Memory, Average Duration, Cold Starts, Average Cold Starts Initial Duration, and Cost.

Search In Logs

To quickly categorize and restrict the invocation view, you can use an expression to search for invocations that have logged a message containing a specific search string.

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Function View

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