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The Issues page shows errors, warnings, and other issues identified in Lambda invocations across the entire system, allowing you to monitor and analyze easily and quickly.

Explore Issues

Click on the Issue Details icon to see Execution Tags and additional information at a glance.


Narrow down on the root cause

To further explore the issue click on the Lambda name to open the Function View. This allows you to isolate the invocations which cause the issue.

Mute Alert Notifications for Specific Issues

Alert Notifications are produced according to the configured alert policies.
If you don't want to get an alert notification when a specific issue occurs, you can Mute it from the overflow menu.

Assign Issues

You can assign an issue to a team member, and track your Lumigo issues with Jira.

Open in JIRA will open the Create Issue Wizard with the Lumigo template applied. This template will automatically populate the necessary information, as you can see below:

For more information on changing the default Jira configuration, check out our documentation on Jira!

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