AWS Step Functions

To configure your step functions to integrate with Lumigo, perform the following steps:

  • Add an environment variable LUMIGO_STEP_FUNCTION to Lambda functions that are triggered by your step function’s state machine, and set its value to TRUE:
  • If you are using custom Parameters, update the function's input to include the following line:
"_lumigo.$": "$.['_lumigo', 'null']"


Modified Function Return Value

A JSON attribute - "_lumigo" - with a unique identifier will be automatically added to the return value of your handler function. This attribute will resemble the following:

  "_lumigo": {
    "step_function_uid": "your-step-function-id"


Direct trigger

"States": {
    "state1": {
      "Type": "Task",
      "Resource": "arn:aws:lambda:us-west-2:ACCOUNT:function:FUNCTION_NAME",
      "Parameters": {
          "size.$": "$.product.details.size",
          "exists.$": "$.product.availability",
          "_lumigo.$": "$.['_lumigo', 'null']"
      "Next": "state2"
    "state2": {
      "Type": "pass",
      "End": true

Using the lambda:invoke API:

           "size.$": "$.product.details.size",
           "_lumigo.$": "$.['_lumigo', 'null']"