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Programmatic Errors

Lumigo’s Programmatic Errors are custom errors that are logged from your Lambda handler’s code. These Programmatic Errors are detected by Lumigo during analysis, and result in an Alert being sent.

Viewing Programmatic Errors in the dashboard

In this first image, you can see a programmatic error titled “Prog Error” appear as a viable Issue Type in the Issues list.

Programmatic (Prog) Error label in Issues page

This image shows how programmatic errors are broken out during the graph view of a transaction.

Programmatic (Prog) Error label in Transaction Graph

Configuring Programmatic Errors

Programmatic Errors can be configured from anywhere within your Lambda handler’s code. Choose the appropriate snippet below:

from lumigo_tracer import report_error



console.log("[LUMIGO_LOG] <YOUR_MESSAGE>");


Already have your own error keyword?

That's great! Contact us by clicking the Intercom button in the lower-right-hand corner of your screen, or by emailing us at [email protected], and we'll apply it for your project.

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Programmatic Errors

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