AWS Lambda

The Functions page displays a list of functions and their performance metrics from the AWS account connected to your project, and allows you to monitor the health, performance and cost of your AWS Lambda functions.


For each function, the page displays:

  • Function name, region, and runtime.
  • Number of invocations, errors, and throttled invocations.
  • Average duration, average memory usage, and cost.
  • Last modification, and tracing status.

Function Details View

From the Functions page, you can start analyze individual functions. You can filter by properties such as function name, region, runtime, and AWS tags to review functions that require attention and possibly action.

Click on function to open the Function View learn about the function’s behavior and performance with greater granularity, and to examine individual invocations.


Function View

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Function Details View
Learn about function performance and to examine individual invocations.

Function Deployments
Learn how changes in configuration or a new version of code causes an unexpected degraded performances.