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The Functions view presents you with a table of Lambda functions that Lumigo detected from across your system. For every function, you can retrieve the following information for a configurable time span:

  • Name of the function, function runtime, and region.
  • Total number of invocations, errors, and throttles.
  • Average execution duration, average memory usage, and the total cost of running the Lambda function over the given time span.


Filters allow you to refine the displayed list to only the functions that are of interest.


Filter functions

To filter the functions displayed, use a keyword or one of the attributes from the list below.

  • aws_tag: <my_stack_name> - See only functions from a specific CloudFormation stack
  • traced: true - See only functions that are traced by Lumigo
  • runtime: <my_run_time> - See only functions that use a specific runtime (i.e. python3.7)

Function View

Click on a function to open the Function View. The Function View allows you to study the function’s behavior with greater granularity, giving you the ability to examine each invocation individually.

Function View

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