Lumigo OpenTelemetry Endpoint

The OpenTelemetry Protocol (otlp) is a general-purpose telemetry data delivery protocol designed in the scope of the OpenTelemetry project.

Supported transports

  • OTLP/HTTP, using either the protobuf or json encoding.

Supported subsets

Lumigo accepts traces (/v1/traces) and logs (/v1/logs). Metrics (/v1/metrics) are not supported yet.

Lumigo OpenTelemetry endpoint URL

Lumigo's endpoint to receive OTLP/HTTP data is globally available at:


Do not append 'v1/traces' to the Lumigo OTLP endpoint URL

In virtually all cases, the OpenTelemetry exporter will append a v1/traces path to the endpoint when exporting tracing data. It is a common configuration mistake to add v1/traces when providing and endpoint URL.

Lumigo OpenTelemetry Authorization

The Lumigo OpenTelemetry Endpoint requires the Authorization HTTP header to be provided by the exporter as follows:

Authorization: LumigoToken <token>

Replace <token> with the your Lumigo token, which is available in Settings -> Tracing -> Manual tracing, see the Lumigo Tokens documentation.

Lumigo OpenTelemetry Errors

Authorization header is missing

In case you Authorization header is missing, you will receive an HTTP 401 status code with the following message:

The 'Authorization: LumigoToken <token>' header is missing

Authorization header is malformed

In case you Authorization header is malformed, you will receive an HTTP 401 status code with the following message:

The value of the 'Authorization' header is invalid; expected a 'LumigoToken <token>' value

Cannot export metrics

Lumigo does not currently provide a /v1/metrics endpoint, so if you try to export metrics to the Lumigo Endpoint, you may receive an error like the following (example is for Java):

io.opentelemetry.exporter.internal.okhttp.OkHttpExporter - Failed to export metrics. The request could not be executed. Full error message: Failed to connect to

Setting the OTLP_EXPORTER_OTLP_METRICS_ENABLED=false environment variable will disable the exporting of metrics, and make the warning go away.