Lumigo Kubernetes Operator

The best way to monitor Kubernetes applications with Lumigo

The distributed tracing of Node.js and Python applications running on Amazon EKS or other flavors of Kubernetes is entirely automated via the Lumigo Kubernetes operator (on ArtifactHub).

Using the Lumigo Kubernetes operator is as simple as:

  1. Install the Lumigo Kubernetes operator on your cluster via Helm
helm repo add lumigo
helm install lumigo lumigo/lumigo-operator --namespace lumigo-system --create-namespace
  1. In the Kubernetes namespaces with applications you want to trace, create a Kubernetes secret containing the Lumigo Token, and a Lumigo resource pointing to it:
apiVersion: v1
kind: Secret
  name: lumigo-credentials
  # Kubectl won't allow you to deploy this dangling anchor.
  # Get the actual value from Lumigo following this documentation:
  token: *lumigo-token # Example: t_123456789012345678901
kind: Lumigo
  labels: lumigo lumigo lumigo-operator
  name: lumigo
      name: lumigo-credentials # This must match the name of the secret; the secret must be in the same namespace as this Lumigo custom resource
      key: token # This must match the key in the Kubernetes secret

The Lumigo Kubernetes operator will update your deployments, daemonsets, replicasets, statefulsets, cronjobs and jobs to be traced with the Lumigo OpenTelemetry Distro for Node.js and Lumigo OpenTelemetry Distro for Python.

More detailed instructions are available in the Lumigo Kubernetes operator repository on GitHub.