CloudWatch Metric Alert

CloudWatch Metric alerts are triggered when a CloudWatch Metric exceeds a threshold during a period of time. An example is a CloudWatch Metric alert triggered when the number of messages added to an SQS queue exceeds 10 in the last 10 minutes.

The alert type is displayed below the alert name on the Alerts page.


To create an event alert:

  • Navigate to Alerts and select Create New Alert.
  • Select CloudWatch Metric as the type of alert you want to create.
  • Name the alert in the Description box and select the region and namespace that the alert applies to.
  • Specify the Condition that will trigger the alert.
  • Select the Dimension and CloudWatch metrics to which the alert applies.
  • Set the condition values in the When box.
  • Click Save

Lumigo creates the corresponding alarms in CloudWatch when the alert is saved.



Ensure your IAM role includes the following or go to Settings > AWS and update to the latest IAM role.

   "Effect" : "Allow",
   "Action": [
    "Resources": "*"


About CloudWatch metrics and alarms

Amazon CloudWatch is a monitoring service that provides metrics and actionable insights to monitor applications, respond to system-wide performance changes, and optimize resource utilization.

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