Execution Tags

Add a Tag to your functions' executions to find them faster


Execution tags allow you to find and investigate executions quickly by simply adding a tag to your Lambda functions’ execution.


Click on the Issue Details icon on the Issues page to see Execution Tags and additional information at a glance.

This will allow you to easily find a specific execution on the Explore page.

Configuring execution tags

To configure execution tags, follow these simple steps:

  1. From the command line, install the lumigo tracer
pip install lumigo_tracer
npm install @lumigo/tracer --save
  1. Add an execution tag to your handler’s code
from lumigo_tracer import add_execution_tag

const lumigo = require('@lumigo/tracer');

OR if you are using Manual Tracing:
const lumigo = require('@lumigo/tracer')({ token: '<your_lumigo_token>' });

lumigo.addExecutionTag('<key>', '<value>');

And that’s it! Your execution tags will now appear in the invocation list.

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