Lumigo integrates with your Slack instance, allowing you to receive live alerts in your preferred Slack channels. To begin receiving alerts via Slack, follow these steps:

  • From your project's sidebar, click Settings > Integrations.
  • Under Slack, click "Integrate"
  • Verify that you are logged in to the correct Slack instance.
  • Click “Allow.”

When adding a channel it cannot be a Direct message but a dedicated new channel.



Already connected to Slack?

We recommend removing the existing integration and re-integrate again. This will allow you to sent notifications to multiple different channels per alert. Once you've re-integrated, go to Alerts and select the channels you wish to send notifications to.

Set up and Manage Alerts

Once you have connected Lumigo to Slack, you can create and edit your Alerts. Click Alerts, and follow the following steps:

  • Select Slack as a notifications service
  • Select or add the channel(s) you want to send notification to
  • Define the notifications preferences
  • Click "Save Alert"

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