Connect Your Environment

Connecting your environment to Lumigo is simple with our onboarding wizard. Follow the steps below to fully integrate Lumigo with your environment with just a few clicks in just a few minutes.

Create an IAM role for Lumigo

The first step is to grant Lumigo permission to gather metrics and collect logs from your AWS environment by creating an IAM (Identity and Access Management) role for Lumigo.

  • In the Lumigo dashboard, click Connect Lumigo to connect to the “Quick Create Stack” wizard in your CloudFormation console.
  • Accept all the default settings, and check I acknowledge that AWS Cloud Formation might create IAM resources and click Create stack.

While AWS is creating the IAM Role in the background, return to Lumigo and wait for the notification that the CloudFormation wizard has completed and sent the ARN (Amazon Resource Name) of the newly created IAM role to Lumigo.



It may take as long as 4 minutes for AWS to complete these tasks.

Set up distributed tracing

Now that your AWS and Lumigo accounts are linked, you need to tie Lumigo's tracer into your Lambda functions. This addition is crucial in allowing Lumigo to analyze logical flows, analyze performance, display debug information, produce insights, and generate alerts.

Deploy Lumigo’s tracer is fast, simple, and straightforward, and moreover, you have the option of choosing either auto-tracing or manual tracing.

Auto Tracing
Auto-tracing automatically deploys the Lumigo tracer into your Lambda functions, enabling you to take full advantage of its functionality without modifying your source code. For more information, see Auto-Tracing.

Manual Tracing
Manual tracing enables you to control the Lumigo’s tracer from within your source code, using our dedicated tracing functionality in any way needed. Manual tracing gives you access to more advanced tracing information and allows you to integrate Lumigo into your CI/CD pipeline. For more information, see Manual Tracing.


You’re done! In just a few simple steps, you’ve connected Lumigo to your AWS environment. From now on going forward, Lumigo will gather detailed metrics, trace your Lambda functions, collect logs, analyze logical flows and performance, display debug information, produce insights, and generate alerts. You’ll have full visibility into your application’s performance.

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