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Lumigo is a SaaS platform focused on Serverless Monitoring and Troubleshooting.
We believe in serverless technology. Our mission is to enable the adoption of serverless as a mainstream technology for any type of application by providing developers with the tools they need.

The goal of this documentation is to give you all the information and guidance you need to quickly get started with the platform and start gaining value immediately.

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Connect Your Environment

Learn how easy it is to connect your environment to Lumigo with the Wizard -- it takes 4 minutes with 4 clicks.

Connecting your environment to Lumigo is simple with our onboarding wizard. The wizard takes you through the following two steps, after which you'll have Lumigo fully integrated with your AWS environment.

1. Create an IAM role for Lumigo

Lumigo needs permission to access your AWS account so that we may gather metrics and collect logs from your environment.

This is managed through the creation of an IAM role in CloudFormation's native wizard flow, as follows:

  1. In the Lumigo dashboard, click on "Connect Lumigo". This takes you directly to the "Quick create stack" wizard in your CloudFormation console.
  2. Click the "Next" button and accept all default settings.

Once you've completed the CloudFormation wizard, AWS will send the ARN of the newly-created IAM role to Lumigo.


Nothing happening?

The automated process can take up to four minutes to populate the ARN. If you don't see activity after this time has passed, you can add the ARN manually. Copy the ARN from CloudFormation's "Outputs" tab (the RoleARN value), and paste it into Lumigo by choosing to add the ARN manually.

2. Set up distributed tracing

Now that your AWS and Lumigo accounts are linked, you need to tie Lumigo's tracer into your Lambda functions. This addition is crucial in allowing Lumigo to analyze logical flows, analyze performance, display debug information, produce insights, and generate alerts. Integrating Lumigo's tracer is hassle-free, and can be done either automatically or manually.

Auto Tracing

Auto tracing, as the name implies, adds the Lumigo tracer to your Lambda functions automatically. This tracing method leverages Lumigo's Lambda layer, allowing you to instrument and trace your functions without modifying your source code.

Manual Tracing
Manual tracing lets you control the Lumigo tracer at the code level, using our dedicated tracing functionality in any way needed. Manual tracing gives you access to more advanced tracing information, and allows you to integrate Lumigo into your CI/CD pipeline.

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Connect Your Environment

Learn how easy it is to connect your environment to Lumigo with the Wizard -- it takes 4 minutes with 4 clicks.

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