OpenTelemetry Instrumentation for .NET

Install OpenTelemetry .NET Automatic Instrumentation and instrument your .NET application using the provided Shell scripts.

Download the bash script:

curl -sSfL -O

Install core files:

sh ./

Enable execution for the instrumentation script:

chmod +x $HOME/.otel-dotnet-auto/

Setup the instrumentation for the current shell session:

. $HOME/.otel-dotnet-auto/

If running on MacOS you will need to have greadlink installed. If it is not installed, then install coreutils package using brew, which includes greadlink:

brew install coreutils

Run your application with instrumentation:

OTEL_EXPORTER_OTLP_PROTOCOL="http/protobuf" ./MyNetApp

Replace <token> with your Lumigo token, which is available in Settings -> Tracing -> Manual tracing, see the Lumigo Tokens documentation.