Lumigo Live-Tail provides a real-time view of invocations which allows you to develop and troubleshoot faster.


Invocation Details
The invocation Details view provides you with pieces of critical information about the invocation:

  • The context of the interaction, including the event that triggered the component and any environment variables that were set.
  • The result of the interaction, including log entries.
  • Configuration specifics for your resource, including runtime, and region.

Start, Pause, Resume and Clear

  • To start a live session simply go to the Live-Tail page.
  • To pause a live session click the “Pause” button.
  • To resume a live session click the “Resume” button.
  • To clear a session click the “Clear” button.

Filter Live-Tail
You can filter functions by name or invocations with issues to refine the list to only the functions that are of interest.