Lambda Extensions

With the newly released AWS Lambda Extensions, Lumigo can profile your Lambda invocations and collect additional metrics and information on specific executions. This currently includes:

  • CPU Load - the amount of computational work that the system performed when running your code.
  • CPU Over Time
  • Network Usage - the amount of network traffic your Lambda function used during the invocation.

Lambda Profiling with Lambda Extension

How to add the Lumigo Lambda Extension?

  1. Make sure your functions are traced using Auto-Tracing or Manual Tracing.
  2. Add this Lambda Layer to your Lambda functions' configuration:
  3. (Only if you are using manual tracing) Add your Lumigo token as an environment variable with the key LUMIGO_TRACER_TOKEN. You can find your token in your Lumigo project's settings.
    Onboarding page.





NOTE: the additional attributes (CPU Load, Network Usage etc.) for an invocation will only be available after a consequent invocation has been executed (or after ~10 minutes in case there are no consequent invocations).
In addition, the extension will not monitor the CPU of short (<1.5s) lambdas.

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Lambda Extensions

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