AWS Lambda automatic instrumentation (Auto Tracing)

By using Lumigo lambda layer our auto-tracing feature automatically adds the Lumigo tracer to your functions, instrumenting your entire code base, without changing a single line of code.


Supported Runtimes

Auto-tracing is supported in the following runtimes:

  • Python - 3.6 and above
  • NodeJS - 10.x and above

Auto-tracing will not be available if your runtime is not supported, but you can still receive the same benefits of Lumigo through manually instrumenting your functions.

Adding Auto-Tracing with the Lumigo UI

You can easily add auto-tracing to any supported function runtime from your Lumigo Dashboard:

  • Go to โ€œFunctionsโ€ page
  • Select the functions you wish to trace
  • Click the โ€œAuto traceโ€

You can also trace individual functions using the trace toggle.


Auto-Tracing with AWS Tags

You can add auto-tracing to any supported function runtime by flagging them using AWS Tags. To do so:

  • Open the configuration for your AWS Tags
  • Create the tag lumigo:auto-trace and set the value to true
  • Apply the tag to your Lambda function
  • Wait 15-20 minutes for the changes to propagate

Lumigo will now automatically report statistics on your Lambda function!

Removing Auto-Tracing with AWS Tags
Removing auto-tracing with Tags is as straightforward as adding the tags to your function.

  • Open your tag configuration in the AWS Dashboard
  • Remove the tag from your auto-instrumented Lambda function
  • Wait 15-20 minutes for changes to propagate

Lumigo will automatically stop reporting statistics on the function.

You can also set the tag value of lumigo:auto-trace to false to disable all Lumigo auto-tracing activity from AWS Tagging.


Advanced Settings

The advanced settings are available in Settings > Monitoring & Tracing. Use these when working with advanced configurations, such as when incorporating a pinned tracer version or using advanced print settings.


You may disregard this message if you see it. This message is shown due to a known issue with the AWS console.