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Lumigo is a SaaS platform focused on Serverless Monitoring and Troubleshooting.
We believe in serverless technology. Our mission is to enable the adoption of serverless as a mainstream technology for any type of application by providing developers with the tools they need.

The goal of this documentation is to give you all the information and guidance you need to quickly get started with the platform and start gaining value immediately.

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Auto Tracing

Auto-tracing adds the Lumigo tracer to your Lambda functions automatically. By using the Lumigo lambda layer, which sits between your code and the AWS Lambda runtime, your code will continue to function as-is without any modification.


Supported Runtimes

Auto-tracing is supported in the following runtimes:

  • Python - 3.6 and above
  • NodeJS - 10.x and above

Auto-tracing will not be available if your runtime is not supported, but you can still receive the same benefits of Lumigo through manually instrumenting your functions.

Adding Auto-Tracing with AWS Tags

The fastest way of auto-tracing your functions is by flagging them using AWS Tags. To do so:

  1. Open the configuration for your AWS Tags
  2. Create the tag lumigo:auto-trace and set the value to true
  3. Apply the tag to your Lambda function
  4. Wait 15-20 minutes for the changes to propagate.

Lumigo will now automatically report statistics on your Lambda function!

Adding Auto-Tracing with the Lumigo UI

You can easily add auto-tracing to any supported function runtime from your Lumigo Dashboard:

  1. Open the “Functions” screen in your Lumigo dashboard
  2. Select the functions you wish to trace
  3. In the Actions drop down menu, select “auto-trace”
  4. Press the “Apply” button

Removing Auto-Tracing with AWS Tags

Removing auto-tracing with Tags is as straightforward as adding the tags to your function.

  1. Open your tag configuration in the AWS Dashboard
  2. Remove the tag from your auto-instrumented Lambda function
  3. Wait 15-20 minutes for changes to propagate

Lumigo will automatically stop reporting statistics on the function.


Quick tip!

You can also set the tag value of lumigo:auto-tracer to false to disable all Lumigo auto-tracing activity from AWS Tagging.

Removing Auto-Tracing with the Lumigo UI

Removing auto-tracing uses the same steps as adding tracing to a function, but with a different action:

  1. Open the “Functions” screen in your Lumigo dashboard
  2. Select the functions you wish to remove instrumentation from
  3. In the Actions drop down menu, select “un-trace”
  4. Press the “Apply” button


Advanced Settings

The advanced settings are available in Settings > Monitoring & Tracing. Use these when working with advanced configurations, such as when incorporating a pinned tracer version or using advanced print settings.

You may disregard this message if you see it. This message is shown due to a known issue with the AWS console.

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Auto Tracing

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