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On this page you can analyze Lambda invocations, looking for invocations that contain specific strings or that express certain properties. Lumigo provides a number of fields on which you can query.

You can search on any field that Lumigo collects (the fields are described below) by typing the field name, followed by a colon (“:”), followed by the term you are searching for.

Example: Imvocations with errors in the Last 3 Hours that took longer than 500ms.


These sample queries demonstrate the power and flexibility of our query language

Desired Result

Query Syntax

all executions that took more than 1000 ms

duration: [1000 TO *]

all executions with errors in the region us-west-1:

error: * AND region: "us-west-1

all warm executions that took over 500ms (functions that did not have a cold start):

readiness: "warm" AND duration: >500

all HTTP requests that didn't return 200 or 202

entity_type: http AND NOT status_code: 200 AND NOT status_code: 202

Data fields

Lumigo collects the following data fields for each invocation:

  • event - the event that the Lambda function receives
  • return_value - the data that the Lambda function returns
  • transaction_id - the unique id for a specific transaction
  • started - the start time of the invocation (in unix format)
  • ended - the end time of the invocation (in unix format)
  • arn - the Lambda function's ARN
  • region - the execution AWS region (e.g, us-west-1)
  • runtime - the Lambda execution runtime (e.g, python3.7)
  • duration - the duration of the Lambda function's execution


Additional fields

There are additional fields we may collect, depending on which service and triggers you are using. Contact us with any questions about the additional fields we collect.

Working through an example

The following example lets us search for all of the invocations related to a specific Stripe charge ID:

Matching results are marked in red.
Clicking on an invocation will open its transaction view.

You can also use simple query syntax to combine multiple conditions together. The fields are described below.

Query Syntax



Example Query

searching for a string


John Doe

searching a specific attribute

: value

region: us-east-1

range of values

[ TO ]

[210 TO 360]

multiple conditions (intersection)


John Doe AND duration: >1000



region: us-west-1 AND (duration: >500 OR error: Timeout)

Create custom dashboard widgets

With Dynamic Dashboard you can easily create dashboard widgets from your Explore queries, to quickly track important metrics and scenarios.

To add a custom dashboard widget, after you've run your query simply:

  1. Click on Add to Dashboard.
  2. Choose your dashboard properties.
  3. Click on Create.

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