Explore allows you to query events across your application to get answers to critical questions and discover areas you’ve previously never tapped.


Explore summary filters provide guidance that is specific to your data and offer a convenient way to compare trends over time and prioritize issues across your applications.

Each filter visualizes values sorted by frequency. Click on any of the values to further refine your search.


Search bar

Explore search bar offers free text search and autocomplete functionality to complete your queries. A query is composed of keys, values and operators.

Query by selecting or typing the key followed by a colon “:” then enter the value. To combine multiple terms into a complex query, you can use any of the following boolean operators: AND, OR and Not.


Create custom dashboard widgets

With Lumigo Custom Widgets you can easily create dashboard widgets from your Explore queries, to quickly track important metrics and scenarios.

To add a custom dashboard widget, after you've run your query simply:

  1. Click on Add to Dashboard.
  2. Choose your dashboard properties.
  3. Click on Create.

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