Log Masking

Recognizing the importance of privacy, Lumigo introduces advanced log masking capabilities. With log masking, you can define specific rules for masking sensitive data within logs before they are processed and saved.

Client-Side Masking

Client-side masking provides you with the flexibility to mask sensitive data in the, client before being sent to Lumigo. Lumigo's client-side masing adhers to the strictest privacy requirements.

Configuring Client-Side Masking

Set the following environment variables:

LUMIGO_LOG_MASKING_REGEX_VALUE: This variable accepts an array of regular expressions designed to scrub specific values within your logs.

To specify keys to be scrubbed, you can either provide a Regex (useful mostly for unstructured logs), or the exact JSON path:

LUMIGO_LOG_MASKING_REGEX_KEY: This variable accepts an array of regular expressions that match JSON keys in your logs. The values of the matching keys will be scrubbed.

LUMIGO_LOG_MASKING_EXACT_PATH: This variable accepts an array of exact paths to scrub.